Katlodeeche First Nation Hay River, NWT

Phase 1 – CanNor 2 Year Funding Grant for Katlodeeche First Nation

Lyle Fabian worked closely with the Katlodeeche First Nation with a $215,000 funding grant from Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor) to deploy a local Wi-Fi Network to connect all KFN administration building on a local network. A local server network was built to create a single back up systems for all important data.

  • Connect all administration buildings on a robust and secure Wi-Fi Network
  • All workstations networked to a single back up server
  • Build a new KFN website and a trained website developer to maintain KFN website
  • Implement Video Conferencing capabilities to minimize travel costs
  • Local Fiber Optic Design Implementation Feasibility Study
  • Local Network Speeds estimated at 54Mbps over a 1km distance
Phase 2 – CanNor 2 Year Funding Grant for Katlodeeche First Nation

Second phase network design was implemented based on previous year feasibility study looking into engineering, design and deployment of a local 1km 48 strand single mode fiber optic network. The CanNor funding grant of $193,250 was implemented by Lyle Fabian to build the only NWT community First Nations owned fiber optic network.

  • Engineer & Design a 1km single mode fiber optic network to connect all KFN administration buildings.
  • Build additional servers to host a local fiber optic network
  • Development of ICT curriculum for the delivery of Cisco Certification
  • Local transfers speed are 1000Mbps over a 1km single mode fiber network
Phase 3 – CanNor 2 year Funding Grant for Katlodeeche First Nation

Lyle is currently working with Katlodeeche First Nation community on the final phase extending the 1km network to connect to outside network, to bring better internet services to the community.

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