Buffalo Rains Network is a technology and consulting services social enterprise that has been established to provide an easy to use, secure, reliable and affordable leading edge green technology solutions for the preservation of language, culture and business assets of Nations of the African Diaspora, Caribbean Islands and First Nations, Inuit, Métis communities across Canada,

Our experienced Management Team, Technology Partners and Advisory Team work collaboratively for the purpose of empowering Indigenous communities with knowledge and green technologies that encourage self-reliance, self-governance and self-sustainability, resulting in the creation of new jobs, business opportunities and programs, on and off traditional lands and territories.

We provide technology and skills based training for our people on the implemented technology solutions so that our collective Nations of the African Diaspora, Caribbean Islands and First Nations, Inuit, Métis communities are empowered to become self-reliant, proud and have knowledge to improve their health, wealth and quality of life.

Core Services

  • Cultural Preservation Projects

    Helping indigenous communities keep their culture alive.

    • Multimedia Productions of Indigenous culturally diverse Films, Movies, & TV Series
    • Digital Art & Book online Digital Publishing Platform to promote and preserve Traditional Knowledge, Language & Culture
    • Small Business educational workshops, online business opportunities & Internships for aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Managed Technical Services

    Our technical team manages, monitors and provides technical support for all implemented technology solutions. We empower your Community Champions with education & skills to manage your Technology Solutions

    • Web Design & Hosting
    • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Services
    • Project Management
  • Computer Learning Labs

    We collaborate with your respective community leadership and community members in developing an effective technology services, skills based training and employment creation programs, unique for your community:

    • Computer After School program for Children
    • Evening Technology Programs for Youth
    • Computer Skills Training & Workshops for Elders
    • Business Opportunities Workshops for aspiring Entrepreneurs
    • Employment creation programs to preserve Traditional knowledge using technology
  • Employment Creation Programs

    We hire people directly from within your community to participate in the planning, strategy and implementation of all the technology solutions that will have the most positive social impact that will benefit your community

    • Community Champions Program
    • Jobs created in your community for your community
    • Bringing resources and increased technology where you live

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Our Process

Community Application Process

Do you want the latest technology solutions implemented in your communities in 2015?
Do you want to preserve your Traditional stories and knowledge?
Do you want to create new employment and online business opportunities for your Youth & Elders?

If yes, please complete our easy online application form for immediate consideration.
• To be eligible for community technology projects in 2015, your Community Leadership must authorize a Memorandum of Understanding before the Technology Project Planning commences.
• Our charitable sponsors require us to have a Memorandum of Understanding in addition to your Community Application, before they will release funds which we use to pay for your technology projects. Deadline for submission November 30, 2015.
• After our Management and Advisory Teams review your Community Applications, and Memorandum of Understanding, we will contact you to schedule a time for our initial meeting:

Technology Project Planning

Initial meeting with Community Leadership
◦ Identify Community Challenges
◦ Technology & Systems Assessment
◦ Feasibility studies

Community Needs Assessment
◦ Community Engagement & Events
◦ Entertainment & Surveys
◦ Community Surveys

Design & Strategy

Determine required technology solution
• Develop project scope and technology project plan
• Determine resource requirements for project
• Prepare Budget for Project
• Deployment schedule

Custom designed technology solutions to satisfy the unique requirements of your community


• Manage Technical Teams
• Deploy technology solution
• Testing Solution with Community Champions
• Technology Training Workshops


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